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Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant
  • Hong Kong french  Restaurant

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Restaurant open from Monday lunch to Sunday lunch (closed on Sunday night)

Happy Hour at the Bar from 5.30pm

There is nothing better than Les Fils à Maman restaurant experience to plunge you back into the eighties!
Behind Les Fils à Maman are four childhood friends who decided to bring back the good old recipes they enjoyed so much during their childhood, those simple homemade dishes their mothers use to cook for them every day. And so they decided to open their own restaurant that took them back to their childhood in more ways than one.


Nom Bigand
Prénoms Stephane Francis Jean
Surnom Stef, Fanou, Patch, Big
Prénom de ta maman Sophie
Quand tu étais petit, ton plat préféré c’était quoi ?
Le Porc caramélisé aux bananes, pommes, ananas de mon grand père, l’île flottante de ma grand mère et la tarte au citron indétrônable de ma maman
Si tu étais un héros de dessin animé ou de série TV des années 80 ?
Mac Gyver pour le côté bricoleur et surtout car il faisait du hockey comme moi

Restaurant Les fils à maman Hong Kong

Our lovely moms come to advise us in our hong kong restaurant

As often as possible, our lovely mums will come and demonstrate their culinary talent and propose to you some of their most coveted specialities. On that special day, only one menu with appetizer, main course and desert will be available and they will also be at hand to reveal their little culinary secrets…
A special warning goes out to those who don’t always finish their plates !

Situated between Central and Sheung Wan, Les Fils à Maman chose a place where the atmosphere is representative of who they are: young, dynamic and authentic. Just around the corner from the famous Hollywood road known for its bars and antique shops.
Les Fils à Maman restaurant fits right in the neighborhood as they await your visit comfortably nestled between the narrow alleys that characterise the area.
Whether you’re in the mood for a group dinner with all your friends or for a small cozy and quiet corner, we have designed our venue so that everyone can find what they are looking forand most importantly, so that your gourmet craving in fully satisfied. Those you are young at heart will appreciate travelling back to their childhood days for a few hours with the help of our vintage decor and our good old fashion cuisine. If you are looking for calm and serenity you will love our tables with e view on the park…
Stephane and his friends are your hosts and they will make sure that Les FIls à Maman slogan put pratice: « LET THE GOOG TIMES ROLL ! « 

Restaurant Les fils à maman Hong Kong

The luxury wheel for our restaurant dear clients

At lunch time, our regular customers with their fully completed member card, are allowed to turn oue luxury wheel to win some gifts… or not !

Hong Kong french Restaurant

Restaurant in Hong kong.
Restaurant Les fils à maman Hong Kong

Hong Kong french Restaurant book

Remember when you were a kid and you would roam the kitchen observing your mother prepare your favorite plate? You would then secretly swipe your finger in the sweet batter or get your face filled with chocolate mousse. Have you ever wished you could prepare the plates you that you loved so much as a kid ?
It is to help you plunge back into these delicious memories that we have asked 22 real mothers to reveal their easiest and most delicious recipes.
Each menu is composed of an appetizer, a main course an a desert and they are accompanied by their own original illustrations, mom’s trick of the trade and a selection of interesting information about each plate. Each menu suggested is homage to tender culinary nostalgia, childhood and family.
Let’s eat !!!
On sale for 120 hkd


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Restaurant les Fils à Maman in Hong Kong, plunge you back into the eighties!